Kevin on August 24th, 2016

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Yet another report came out this week, this time from the United States Travel Association, all about the state of domestic air travel – how much we, the Source: 11 Reasons Why Southwest Is the Best Airline You’re Probably Not Flying – Blog – Airfarewatchdog

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Approximately once a year, many of the U.S. frequent flyer programs offer a bonus when you purchase miles. American’s program is open right now, and represents a compelling way to get extra miles. Bonuses start at the 6,000 mile level (e.g., buy 6K miles and get an extra 1,500 miles for $177. In that case, […]

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Kevin on January 12th, 2014

I stumbled across this in Kevin Kelly’s Cool Tools book, and thought I’d pass it along.  If you travel internationally, you’re likely aware that it’s a good idea to carry your passport with you when out and about.  Personally, I don’t like doing that out of fear that I might lose my passport.  Instead of […]

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From Tim Ferriss’s blog, a nifty post from Ryan Holiday that’s sure to appeal to road warriors and occasional travelers alike.  An excerpt: 6. Eat healthy. Enjoy the cuisine for sure, but you’ll enjoy the place less if you feel like a slob the whole time. (To put it another way, why are you eating pretzels on […]

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Kevin on June 23rd, 2013

Who hasn’t experienced crappy customer service?  Disinterested or downright surly retail workers, waitstaff and hotel employees are everywhere, and sadly, tolerating poor service has become the norm rather than the exception.  This is why my experience at the Embassy Suites in Lubbock was such a stunner.  I don’t know if what I experienced was the […]

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If you’re an IHG/Priority Club member, you can snag an extra 1550 points for a one night stay.  Although this promotion is positioned as being for new Priority Club members, existing members can get the points as well.  Just click on the link below, enter your Priority Club membership number and the code 4648: 1550 […]

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