I discovered a fast and easy way to save Outlook messages to my hard drive yesterday. In the past I’ve written about archiving Outlook messages, but this technique is much easier. Simply navigate to the folder where you want to store the message(s) or create a new folder, and leave it open on your desktop […]

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Kevin on December 30th, 2009

Everyone knows you can highlight a bunch of messages in Outlook by highlighting them and hitting the “Delete” key, but what do you do if you need to forward a number of Outlook messages to someone?

Simple. Highlight the messages by using the Ctrl key and/or Shift key. Right click somewhere on one of the highlighted messages. Select…

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There’s an exceedingly simple way for you to share your Outlook contacts with colleagues or friends. All you need to do is highlight a contact: Right click on the contact, and select “Forward.” Doing so will create an email as shown below; in this case I’ve addressed the email to myself and added a simple […]

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Faithful LifeApps readers know that I don’t have a lot of patience with email and favor an aggressive approach to managing your Inbox. Occasionally however, we’ll receive emails which require more time to respond to – and/or which don’t require a response immediately. OR… they’ll require collaboration with several colleagues who you’d like to meet […]

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Everyone at some point in their professional or personal life sends an email that they instantly realize – in that moment of extraordinary clarity or lucidity that invariably follows doing something monumentally stupid – they shouldn’t have sent. What can you do if you somehow cleverly manage to send out a boneheaded, career-limiting message? (Or […]

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Kevin on April 28th, 2008

About every 8 weeks or so the merry pranksters in our IT Department send everyone in our company a friendly message like this: This is just swell, but what if some of the emails you want to hang on to have really large attachments – but need to go to free up space? Or, what […]

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Photo by Rasso Do you want to have zero emails in your In Box but are confused by the glut of articles on the internet about how to go about getting there? Are you intimidated by the notion of consolidating all your email accounts into Gmail, setting up 37 different Outlook rules, & having 18 […]

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