Kevin on May 25th, 2016

Here’s a handy infographic that covers a number of essentials for interviewees.  Thanks to the folks at AkkenCloud and GHERGICH & Co. for sharing this with me.  Click on the image to enlarge. Via AkkenCloud

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If you’re looking for a job in this market, you need to make sure you cover all the basics when interviewing and following up with the hiring manager after the interview. Make a wrong move, fail to prepare properly, or forget to do something that every other candidate you’re competing with does, and you may ruin your chances of getting the job.

The good news? None of this is particularly difficult. It just requires some thought and yes, work.

Even better? Make these basic things part of your job interview routine, and you’ll be more confident and better prepared as you approach each interview…

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I’ve interviewed executive level candidates who’ve done little more than spend a few minutes on our website prior to their interview. To me, that conveys that they don’t care about the job, they’re lazy or complacent, and aren’t the kind of people I want to have working at our company. If they don’t care enough to do a thorough job of prepping for an interview, how will they approach their job?

The very same principle applies to you, even if you’re applying for your first or second job.

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In late August of 2008 I first wrote about my “90 day ‘Action Plan’” and made a simple, bare bones version available to readers.   If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a great “seal the deal” tool to bring with you to a second interview:  an outline of how you plan to approach your first […]

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Most people – even those who’ve been working for 10-15+ years – haven’t a clue on how to properly prepare for a job interview. Do you? Does this sound your interview prep routine? Check the interviewing company’s website and gather some basic info Prep for key questions and formulate responses Prepare several questions of your own […]

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A few days ago Practical Hacks reader Tracy wrote in to report that she’d landed a job the same day she interviewed, thanks in part to her use of the “90 Day Action Plan” template which is available via my FREE Downloads page. Congratulations, Tracy – best of luck in your new position! If you’ve […]

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Kevin on February 5th, 2009

Former Apple executive and Silicon Valley venture capitalist Guy Kawasaki blogged recently about several clever ways to amp up your  job search by using LinkedIn; from the article: LinkedIn has over thirty-five million members in over 140 industries. Most of them are adults, employed, and not looking to post something on your Wall or date […]

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