Kevin on July 8th, 2013

Whether you’re using a PC, Mac, or smartphone, if you’re irritated by the government’s PRISM Program, check out DuckDuckGo, and its new smartphone app, DuckDuckGo Search and Stories for iPhone and Android. As we’ve mentioned before, DuckDuckGo doesn’t collect any of your information when you search the interwebs; if the government were to demand their […]

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Kevin on February 26th, 2013

I admit to a guilty pleasure:  although I can barely tolerate Guy Fieri, his phony last name, his Insane Clown Posse haircut (the 80’s called and want their haircut back), and all his dullard, dumbass statements (“Welcome to flavortown,” “That right there is MONEY,” “Winner winner chicken dinner,” and so forth, ad nauseam), I in […]

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Kevin on February 10th, 2013

Final prep for a week long golf trip next week…  12 guys in southern Florida, 10 rounds in 6 days, unlimited trash talking, can’t wait.  Here are a few interesting articles I’ve come across recently: Seven Days on the Queen Mary 2 – @ The New York Times.  Interesting, well written article that made me […]

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Your personal data is all over the internet.  Your age, place of birth, names of your relatives, address history, and much, much more… Beyond the simple intrusiveness this involves, this phenomenon raises concerns from an identity theft and online security standpoint.  With it so easy to get someone’s personal data, hacking a bank or other […]

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Kevin on August 7th, 2012

If you’re a user of Apple products (particularly iCloud), Gmail, and Amazon, you owe it to yourself to read Mat Honan’s account of how his Apple and Amazon accounts were hacked. The result:  his Gmail account was deleted, his Twitter account hijacked, and worst of all, his Apple account was hacked and his iPad, iPhone, […]

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Warning:  this could damage your budget. is a site that presents Kickstarter or Indiegogo-funded products that are available for ordering or pre-ordering.  Products are arranged by category, as you can see below: The categories are what you’d expect, other than perhaps “everything but apple;”  you can also search by price range: won’t win […]

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Filmmaker Jeremiah McDonald must have been an awfully precocious 12 year old:  he made a tape having a conversation (or at least half a conversation) with his older self.  Thanks to some clever editing, the resulting “interview” is quite charming:

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