Kevin on February 26th, 2013

I admit to a guilty pleasure:  although I can barely tolerate Guy Fieri, his phony last name, his Insane Clown Posse haircut (the 80’s called and want their haircut back), and all his dullard, dumbass statements (“Welcome to flavortown,” “That right there is MONEY,” “Winner winner chicken dinner,” and so forth, ad nauseam), I in […]

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Kevin on January 26th, 2013

A few days ago Mrs. Hacks bought some “blue cheese” in one of those nasty little plastic tubs, and when I tasted it, I decided it had been too long since we’d had Maytag Blue in the house.  If you haven’t had Maytag blue cheese and like Roqueforts and blues, you definitely ought to try […]

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Kevin on August 2nd, 2012

This is a salad we make – frequently – during the summer when fresh tomatoes are abundant.  I suppose the fact that I love tomatoes helps, but I think this salad is utterly delicious.  The sweetness of the tomatoes, coupled with the pungency of the garlic and the fresh mint of the basil, is sublime. […]

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A quick story about how it’s rarely a good idea to abandon proven routines & tactics. We were in Kansas City over the weekend, visiting friends. Saturday evening’s dinner choices had been narrowed to going somewhere nice in the Plaza section, or getting barbeque. We settled on barbeque, and our host mentioned that “Oklahoma Joe’s” […]

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Kevin on November 24th, 2010

I hope all my U.S. readers have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving, and that all my readers have a great weekend.  Here are a few links you might enjoy, one from this blog and a couple of favorite recipes: If you want to maximize the yield from your Thanksgiving turkey, definitely check out The frugal […]

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Kevin on August 17th, 2010

Quick Chicken Quesadillas Next time you’re scrambling to come up with a quick yet satisfying casual meal, consider making 5 Minute Quesadillas! Ingredients Flour tortillas Salsa Mexican cheese mix or your favorite cheeses, shredded 1 rotisserie chicken (whatever flavor/seasoning you prefer), breast/thigh/wing meat shredded or sliced thinly Optional:  cilantro Optional:  serve with extra salsa and/or […]

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If you occasionally bookmark recipes on sites like,, epicurious, and others, you owe it to yourself to take a few minutes to check out Beta site Plummelo. How the site works is simple:  once you’ve created a FREE account and installed a simple widget (doing both takes just seconds), when you find a […]

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