This almost makes me want an Apple Watch, but not quite.  Maybe the best thing, if you really want to go this way, is to way for Gen 2…

Will the Apple Watch become as indispensable on the road as a passport? Siri won’t say. But we will.

Source: Apple Watch: A Test Run for Travelers

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1 Comment on Apple Watch: A Test Run for Travelers

  1. michael webber says:

    Would love to hear your impressions of the Apple Watch Series 2, the lower priced version.

    Despite YEARS of travel I NEVER quite mastered the ins and outs of Casio wrist watches with their myriad of international settings and alarms.

    A modern smart watch would be interesting. Especially under $300.

    And oh yeah. My most common complaint about my phone is that I don’t always hear it in my daypack. A vibrating wrist alert from a smart watch coupled to the phone would be nice.


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