No, this isn’t the second installment of a series of posts involving straws!  I’d seen this somewhere in the past and just this morning stumbled across another post on the topic at Lifehacker.  Courtesy of Lifehacker and the Mighty Girl site, how to make your own mini-sized toiletry “sticks” with plastic straws.  All you need are straws, Q-tips, toiletries, a Sharpie or similar marker, and an inexpensive bag sealer.

mini toiletry straws

Full instructions are at Mighty Girl:  Make Travel Size Toiletries With a Heat Sealer



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1 Comment on DIY travel size toiletries with plastic drinking straws

  1. Dinah Ackerson says:

    My husband and I have a simpler method for travel straws. We simply bend one end of the straw sharply and tape it closed, fill, and close the other end, again by bending the straw and taping it. Nothing escapes and you can store more cream, etc., for use on extended trips and reuse the straws along the way by using the same tape method to reclose. No heat sealer, matches, etc., needed.


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