From Tim Ferriss’s blog, a nifty post from Ryan Holiday that’s sure to appeal to road warriors and occasional travelers alike.  An excerpt:

6. Eat healthy. Enjoy the cuisine for sure, but you’ll enjoy the place less if you feel like a slob the whole time. (To put it another way, why are you eating pretzels on the airplane?)

[TIM: If you want to follow The Slow-Carb Diet, my default cuisine choices in airports are Thai and Mexican food. Also, keep a *small* bag of almonds in your bag to avoid digressions in emergencies.]

7. Try to avoid guidebooks, which are superficial at best and completely wrong at worst. I’ve had a lot more luck pulling up Wikipedia, and looking at the list of National (or World) Historical Register list for that city and swinging by a few of them. Better yet, I’ve found a lot cooler stuff in non-fiction books and literature that mentioned the cool stuff in passing. Then you Google it and find out where it is.

Read the full post here:  How to Travel – 21 Contrarian Rules

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2 Comments on Tim Ferriss / Ryan Holiday: How to Travel – 21 Contrarian Rules

  1. berg says:

    As much as disagree with Mr. Ferriss’ views on a lot of things, we do have similar feelings about traveling. Nice list.


  2. Nick says:

    Here is an interesting article on bringing postcards along with you if you travel:


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