If you’re an IHG/Priority Club member, you can snag an extra 1550 points for a one night stay.  Although this promotion is positioned as being for new Priority Club members, existing members can get the points as well.  Just click on the link below, enter your Priority Club membership number and the code 4648:

1550 Point Bonus – Priority Club

Please note that in order to receive the bonus points, your stay must take place within 90 days of registering for the promotion.

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2 Comments on 1550 Bonus Priority Club Points with a one night stay

  1. Robert Thompson says:

    I used to really enjoy your blog, with lots of product reviews and insights. It seems the last several months it has become an infrequently updated advertising site.

    I’ve gone from checking it daily to weekly..and pretty soon it will be monthly.

    Just a comment from a long-time reader and enjoyer of your work.


    Kevin Reply:


    Sorry to disappoint; other writing projects are keeping me from the blog.


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