Here’s a nifty alternative to money belts:  travel underwear with a couple of pockets for your passport, credit cards, and/or cash.

Available from Clever Travel Companion, the men’s boxer briefs shown here are available in cotton, Modal (95/5 rayon/spandex), or a 65/35 cotton/polyester blend. The ladies’ briefs are a boy style in order to accommodate the pockets, and are available in the rayon/spandex blend.

I tried a pair made with the rayon/spandex blend, and found them very comfortable.  If you use one of the pockets for a passport, it’s a perfect fit, but it may take a few passes at sitting down for the passport to yield a bit and become unnoticeable.  For extra cash, it’s an excellent solution.

A note:  I wouldn’t venture into the TSA’s backscatter x-ray machine with anything in the pockets of these shorts – you’ll likely end up getting up close and personal with a friendly TSA automaton.  Other than that caveat, these are terrific.  As with money belts, you’ll have to retire to a private spot (e.g., rest room) in order to retrieve your passport or extra cash.

All this goodness comes at a price – the shorts are $29.90 each.  Tank tops and long johns are also available.  See everything here:  Clever Travel Companion

Note:  Use code PracticalHacks15 to receive 15% off your order; shipping is FREE on orders over $50.

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2 Comments on Foil pickpockets with travel underwear with pockets from Clever Travel Companion

  1. Michael W. says:

    Kudos for finding these. You find the most amazing gear on the planet, and write it up well.

    But despite my fondness for almost every gadget on the planet, I have to admit I find these somewhat humorous. I am still trying to figure out if this was intended to be your April 1 post, but my calendar still indicated mid-March.

    I trust the passport fits in a rear pocket. I hope the passport fits in a rear pocket.


    Kevin Reply:


    Hardly a joke. Scottevest offers something similar, in fact, but as you know, I’m not a big fan of that firm and its “CEO.” The two pockets are in the front; as mentioned in the post, the passport is a perfect fit, but needs to “break in” a bit. After sitting down a few times with it in one of the pockets, it was fine.

    My issue with conventional money belts (ones that actually hold up your pants) is that you have to remove them completely to retrieve cash; with the type you wear beneath your clothing (R. Steves, Magellan’s, etc.), you have to wear another layer, which is bulky and a bit uncomfortable. Not to mention goofy.

    With these, if you want to carry a bunch of extra currency, you can and it’s very discreet. (You still have to visit a restroom or other private area to retrieve your cash, of course.) If you’re traveling somewhere which requires you to carry your passport at all times and are concerned about losing it or having it slip out of a regular pocket, this is a potential solution.

    Plus… they’re comfortable. YMMV, of course, but I like them.


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