Ya gotta love this: ever want to leave someone a voicemail without any chance you’ll actually have to speak to them?

You know the kind of message I’m referring to…  “Gee, boss, really sorry I missed you – I’d love to discuss that (subject you don’t want to talk to him/her about), – let’s chat about this later.”

Slydial is a free, super stealthy way to leave voicemails on mobile phones that eliminates pesky, messy conversations with human beings. From Slydial’s website:

The service is free (you’ll have to listen to a couple of 10 second ads), and absolutely simple to use:

To learn more about Slydial, check out their website:  Slydial Voice Messaging.

P.S.:  if you want to leave a message for someone who uses the same cellular provider that you use, most systems allow you to record a message and then send it to the Contact of your choice; just call your mobile phone’s voicemail service to do so.

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2 Comments on Slydial: Voice alternative to texting – skip conversations & leave voicemail on someone’s mobile

  1. jessica says:

    slydial does NOT work. It still rings first on many of the calls. I’ve had 1 out of 2 calls pick up. FRUSTRATING!


    Kevin Reply:

    I just tried it, and it worked just fine for me. From my VOIP phone, I tried my cell number, and it worked. I then used it with a friend’s cell number, and it worked. The ads are annoying, but it works for me.


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