If you’ve fancied  the Western Flyer as the perfect bag to complement your wheelie on longer trips, you’re in luck:  Bihn has a new version which deep sixes the backpack straps and replaces them with a zippered wheelie handle pocket.

You also gain another small pocket that’s perfect for boarding passes, small brochures, maps, and the like (on the right, below).

This new version is otherwise identical to the WF we reviewed in March of 2009.   Our review sample was black with a solar (bright yellow) interior, and was quite handsome.

Above:  the pocket is zippered on the bottom only; that zipper is recessed for a sleeker appearance.  With the zipper zipped shut, it adds a pocket that’s handy for magazines and similar items:

As is the norm for Bihn products, the quality of materials, and fit and finish on our sample were superb.   The WF is not inexpensive at $200, but it’s a stylish bag that’ll last for decades.

See both versions of the Western Flyer at the Tom Bihn website.

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5 Comments on New from Tom Bihn: a Western Flyer for wheelie users

  1. Jose C. Sandoval says:

    Check the Large Expandable Laptop Brief from Sumdex. It’s 18″x14″x6.5″(expanded). It’s polyester and only comes in black, but it’s well made and costs about $ 35.00. Once you cut away the back compartment divider, you’ll have a two compartment bag with extra front pockets, a back magazine slot and practically the same capacity and weight of a Western Flyer (sans backstraps), plus a comfortable padded handle and D rings for a shoulder strap (Throw away the one it comes with and replace with a SOS strap for another $ 15.00). Jose.


  2. Ronald says:

    If you use the wheelie strap on the western flyer am I giving up the back pack function or can I just put back pack straps inside a pocket for when im not using the wheelie function?


    Kevin Reply:

    There are no backpack straps on this version: “Bihn has a new version which deep sixes the backpack straps and replaces them with a zippered wheelie handle pocket.”


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