If you don’t have a smartphone or iPod Touch to assist with currency conversions – or don’t feel like bothering with your gadgets – there’s a solution that’s free and which couldn’t be much simpler.

Visit Oanda – I’ll provide a link in a moment – to create a simple currency conversion table that you can put in your breast pocket or wallet.  The interface is simple, and takes just a moment or two:

What’s neat about this is that when you click on the button “Get my FXCheatSheet,” just that is created (below); you can print it and have it handy when needed:

Oh – if you’re utterly incapable of functioning without your Touch or iPhone, the firm does offer an app which functions like, well, every other currency conversion app:  enter an amount in one currency, see it displayed in another.  The advantage of this particular app is that the interface is quite simple and very legible.  (Also available for the BlackBerry; see below.)

See the FXCheat Sheet here:  Oanda via (Points Wizard)

Also:  iPhone / Touch app;  BlackBerry Currency Converter

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