Kevin on March 2nd, 2011

Thanks to all of you who commented on my recent post offering a Patagonia Atom to a lucky reader.  Trying to identify a winner was much tougher than I’d expected, as many of the comments were great, and several of you commented about “seatside” bags I’d not previously considered.  I’ll definitely review one or two […]

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A few days ago we looked at the eBags Mother Lode TLS Mini 21 – a rollaboard that’s loaded with neat features and sports a modular design which makes it extremely adaptable and versatile. The Landor & Hawa Sub-0-G is at the opposite end of the spectrum. There are no compression straps, expansion gussets, zip away panels, locatable divider panels, or even a telescoping handle.

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Kevin on November 4th, 2009

I recently had a chance to check out Patagonia’s Crosstown daypack. Patagonia positions this as a “full featured” daypack for daily use, hiking, school, or vagabonding. Available in a couple of distinctive colors plus black, the bag continues both Patagonia’s admirable use of recycled materials and quirky approach to product design .

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I was excited when I learned a few months ago that Tom Bihn was updating their Absolute Strap. The winner of our “Shoulder Strap Comparo,” the Absolute Strap has to date offered the best combination of comfort, grip, and quality of any shoulder strap on the market; I was curious to see how Bihn would advance its design.

As you can see from the photos below, the design changes are more evolutionary than revolutionary. Two of the most significant changes are in fact impossible to discern in these photos; but as you’ll see in a few moments, there are actually several changes, some of which aren’t mentioned on the Bihn website.

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By the time you read this I’ll be in Dallas for a quick 2 night long visit.  Intrigued by Patagonia’s new Lightweight Travel Duffel, I decided to use it for this trip even though a bag like Tom Bihn’s Western Flyer is perhaps a more logical (certainly more conventional) choice. Trip Basics This is a […]

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Responding to a recent post about ultra-thin, “minimalist” wallets, Practical Hacks reader Chris Coyle commented on Big Skinny wallets. Big Skinny’s tagline is “The world’s thinnest, smallest, lightest wallets,” and the product appeared on the company’s website to be of high quality. The price was attractive enough ($8.95 + shipping for the model I purchased) […]

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If you’re still carrying around one of those George Costanza-esque bulging wallets with dozens of scraps of paper, photographs, receipts, tear-off strips for free guitar lessons and the like, you really ought to simplify things and declutter your wallet! While you’re at it, you might want to consider switching to a minimalist wallet; there are […]

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