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2012 Expense Tracking « Personal Finance « Downloads

Date postedJanuary 6, 2012
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This Excel workbook enables you to easily keep meticulous records of what you spend, month by month. Doing so is a tremendous first step in understanding your spending and identifying opportunities for saving. Monthly expenses are totaled on a summary tab, where the data is graphed for you.

In actual practice, I print out a spreadsheet for each week or two week period, and put it in a convenient location so it’s easy for us to complete, then input the data into Excel. It takes just a few moments to do so.

The spreadsheet totals your spending by category (you can define the categories however you like) and automatically graphs the results in a pie chart. Too daunting to do this for a year? No problem – do it for a month, or a quarter – no matter the timeframe, it’s often a huge eye opener and a great tool!

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