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Date postedAugust 29, 2008
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From Pear Budget:

When PearBudget started out, it was simply a downloadable spreadsheet. It was easy to use, and it helped a lot of people get their finances in order. We created it because we needed something simple to track our income and expenses. So we made it, and we put it online, for free.

People loved it.

* It’s been downloaded well over 100,000 times.
* It was written up in the Wall Street Journal, in Popular Science, and in the extremely popular blogs Zen Habits, Lifehacker, and Get Rich Slowly, among others.
* We received notes and e-mails from all over the world from people who — for the very first time in their lives — were able to understand what was happening with their budgets.

When we launched the new, web-based version of PearBudget, we knew some people would prefer the old version. It’s still a really great tool, and it might be just what you need to start budgeting.

Download this file for the original Pear Budget worksheet.

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