If you’re a recent subscriber to Practical Hacks, you probably haven’t read many of the articles in the site’s archives. In this recurring feature, I feature a handful of articles from one year ago:

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Kevin on November 26th, 2009

For my U.S. readers, I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and are able to enjoy it with your families.  And to all of you, no matter where you live:  thank you. One of the things I’m thankful for this year is the success of this blog, and all the great people I’ve met through […]

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Kevin on November 13th, 2009

Given several recent reader comments, I think an opportunity we’re missing out on is to explore different packing methods to a greater extent than we have in the past.  I’m using “we” not in the editorial sense, but because I view the blog as a conversation and sharing of ideas. An example:  MtnMan recently asked […]

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Kevin on November 2nd, 2009

Although my home office desk is pictured here, this is really a post about my desk at work.  Tired of the clutter, crumpled Post-It notes and pile of pens & markers near my phone, a vertical file full of folders I never looked at, three 5″ high piles of file folders relating to “current” projects, […]

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Kevin on October 22nd, 2009

Some of you have probably noticed that I’ve added a limit to how long comments can be on this blog (recently updated to 2750 characters, or approximately 435 words). Getting the counter that “counts down” how many characters are available after someone begins typing a comment required changing the XHTML code in the blog’s comments.php […]

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Kevin on October 21st, 2009

All:  I’ll be out of pocket for several days.  We’re getting ready for a major presentation to our corporate parent to take place early next week, and that’s where my head will be parked until it’s over. I may publish a few quick posts between now and then, and plan to take a bunch of […]

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Kevin on October 18th, 2009

Effective immediately, when you want to comment on a post or other comment on Practical Hacks, you’ll note a change.  Comments are now limited to 2500 characters, which equates to approximately 400 words.  If you write a comment that’s longer than 2500 characters, it will be truncated when it posts. This will have no effect […]

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