Hold It is one of those little tools that I suspect many of us never knew existed.  If you’ve ever lost the little tube off a can of WD-40, brake cleaner, compressed air or the like, this inexpensive widget will prevent it from happening in the future.  Available from Amazon.  $1.98 for a package of 2.

Hold-It Straw Holder

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2 Comments on Never lose a spray straw again with Hold-It Straw Holder

  1. Michael W. says:

    Honest recommendation, or straightest-face satire ever? Stuff like that definitely works, but then I lose the keeper(s). Might be better to buy spare tubes! Or how about this – save the old ones ‘cuz for sure one day, one will slip off the current can and be impossible to find. This proves the value of press-lock bags (or slider locks, you know, Ziplocs (TM)) – they will hold the old oily one and keep it from staining everything it comes in contact with.


    Kevin Reply:

    Tongue not in cheek at all. I ordered more of these; they’re great.


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