One could argue that Warby Parker is well on its way to transforming the eyeglass industry by eliminating the middleman, cutting prices, and selling direct to consumers.  Now Warby Parker co-founder Jeff Raider, along with longtime friend Andy Katz-Mayfield, is trying to do the same thing for shaving.  The two launched Harry’s about three weeks ago, featuring low prices and, like Warby Parker, a charitable angle.

Harry's Home Page

Harry’s offers two models, the Truman and the Winston.  (No explanation is provided for the company’s name, but it’s clearly an homage to famous Harry’s of yesteryear.)  Harry’s worked with an American industrial designer who modeled the razors after classic ballpoint pens and butter knives; the razors and blades are produced by a German firm that’s been in the business for 80 years.

The Truman handle is $10; the Winston, $20.  A Truman kit (contains the handle, 3 blades, and a tube of shave cream) is $15; the Winston kit (same items), $25.  What’s more remarkable is that eight multi blade replacement cartridges cost a mere $15!  18 cartridges sell for $25.

As a comparison, 8 Gillette Fusion cartridges will set you back $29.99 at Walgreens (18 for $37.99); at, 6 Fusion cartridges are $30.47 (12 sell for $39.47).

I’m a sucker for a deal, and love (like Warby Parker) the product’s classic design, so I ordered the Truman shortly after the company’s launch:

Harry's:  Packaging

The packaging is faithful to the retro vibe, and is nicely executed:

Harry's:  razor packaging

I ordered 8 blades in addition to the 3 which come with the Truman kit; they were shipped as 4 packs:

Harry's 4 pack - cartridges

The Truman features a polymer handle bonded to a solid zinc rod.  The handle features the Harry “H” logo:

Harry's:  Truman handle

The cartridges feature five blades, a lubricating strip, and of course remove easily.  The cartridge installed on the handle is shipped with a protective plastic sheath:

Harry's:  Truman handle / blade

The handle has a satisfying heft to it.  If you shave in the shower, however, you may find it slipping downward in your fingers, due to the smooth surface:

Harry's:  handle detail

A close-up of the cartridge:

Harry's:  cartridge detail

Like Warby Parker, Harry’s has a strong charitable angle.  For each pack of blades purchased, the company donates one blade (or its equivalent dollar value) to a charitable organization.  Its first partner in this regard is The Mission Continues, an organization that benefits veterans of recent wars.

To learn more about Harry’s, click here:  Harry’s



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4 Comments on Can Harry’s do for shaving what Warby Parker did for the eyeglass industry?

  1. Edward says:

    That’s the whole review? No details on how it shaves, how long the blades last, etc? Weak sauce.


    Kevin Reply:

    Not sure the word “review” appears in the title or post; this is just a brief article about a new product & company.

    The company launched three weeks ago… how much insight do you think I have into the longevity of the blades?

    Shave quality is so subjective, I’m reluctant to comment much. My Truman certainly shaves as well as a Gillette Fusion.


  2. walk says:

    Looks like a quality product. Not available to Canadians (yet) unfortunately.


  3. Kevin says:

    Here’s a quick update:

    -Works as well as if not better than a Gillette Fusion
    -Blade life comparable
    -Handle slightly more slippery than Fusion when wet
    -Shave cream pleasant, but see no need to buy in the future

    I’d recommend the product to readers. Blades are less expensive, and the razor itself is a quality piece.


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