I first stumbled upon S’well bottle in an airline magazine.  Intrigued by the manufacturer’s claim of keeping cold beverages cold for 24 hours, and hot liquids hot for 12 hours, I visited their website and purchased a 17 oz. S’well.   The claims are valid:  these double-walled stainless steel bottles keep liquids at temperature for hours and hours, and are great looking to boot.



Lunchbox size = 9 oz/260ml = 8″ tall and 2-1/2″ wide

Original Size = 17 oz/500 ml = 10-1/4″ tall and 2-3/4″ at widest point

Larger Size= 25 oz/750 ml = 12″ tall and 3″ wide


S’well bottles are not dishwasher safe. The ThermaS’well™ technology can be compromised and the vacuum seal may fail. Also, the color wrap may become damaged due to dishwasher use.  S’wells are happiest when hand-washed and air-dried.


S’well bottles are made of the highest quality stainless steel (18/8). Because stainless steel is safe, the bottles don’t need to be coated with a plastic liner as many aluminum bottles are. And better yet, stainless steel means that there is no metal taste to your water.

Will the S’well bottle sweat?

No. That’s the beauty of insulation. Your hands stay dry, as does your desk, the inside of your bag and everything else that comes in contact with your S’well bottle.



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S’well bottles are available in a wide range of attractive colors



The 26 oz size can hold a full bottle of wine – and maintain its temperature for hours!




The firm also offers a “Wedding Collection”



Lunchbox: $25

17 oz.:  $35

26 oz.:  $45

Wedding Collection $85

To learn more about the S’well collection of insulated bottles, visit their website:  S’well   I have no connection to S’well, by the way.

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6 Comments on S’well: a better beverage bottle

  1. Adriano says:

    Can it be brought (empty) aboard in the hand luggage?


    Kevin Reply:



  2. Luke says:

    These look like a nice variation on Klean Kanteen bottles. The Klean Kanteen thermal bottles do keep stuff hot for at least 5 or 6 hours. I usually bring both an insulated and a non-insulated bottle when I travel.


  3. reeder says:

    An insulated Kleen Kanteen has a wide mouth that can fit an immersion heater and bottle brushes. It can be easily cleaned if you put soup in it or left a tea bag in for several hours.

    I have a S’well but only use it at home since it takes a bit of extra care to wash and dry.


  4. Katie says:

    Hi Practical Hacks! As the Manager of Strategic Communication of S’well we are so happy to see such a positive review of S’well and always love to hear about new S’well fans. On our site, we have a page dedicated to S’well adventures where users send in pictures with their bottles around the world! Please feel free to send in a picture of you with your bottle anytime :) http://www.swellbottle.com/swell-adventures

    Thanks & have a S’well Friday!


  5. Betty says:

    Thanks for sharing. These look great and better yet, after I looked at their website discovered that proceeds go to WaterAid. So smart. Not to mention single use plastic water bottles really disgust me. I’ve been looking for a pretty bottle. FOUND IT!


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