Travel bags ready for action

My 3-1-1 liquids bag (above front) and “non-liquids” (razor, toothbrush, deodorant, floss, etc.) are always packed and ready to go.  The two Tom Bihn bags I use are always handy on one of the shelves in our master closet; I’ll select whatever travel bag I want to use for a particular trip, and toss these two bags into the appropriate pockets.  The only thing I ever need to do is to occasionally refill the travel sized toothpaste tube and contact solution bottle.  The bags contain an extra razor, toothbrush, contact case, and pair of inexpensive eyeglasses.

This approach saves me a bit of time and worry – I know I’ll have what I need when I get to my destination.  Give this technique a try if you find yourself constantly repacking your travel essentials.

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7 Comments on Save time: keep your 3-1-1 bag & other travel essentials always ready to go

  1. Adriano says:

    I completely agree with you, Kevin. Having your 3-1-1 and toiletery ready to go saves you time and money (as you don’t have to buy the stuff you don’t forget ;-) ).
    My extra advice (based on short travel experence):
    1- have clothes dedicated to travel (non wrinkle, easy care, multi purpose and quick drying) so the whole of your suitcase is always ready;
    2 – refill and replace toiletery as soon as you are back home;
    3- keep a spare contact lense case in your suitcase (too easy to forget) and *don’t* refill contact solution bottles unless you can do it in a 100% sterile room (which is hardly the case). Buy new mini bottles instead: they cost much less than an eye infection…


    Kevin Reply:

    For what it’s worth, I’ve transferred contact solution from larger to smaller bottles for 30+ years and never had a problem.


  2. Maria says:

    I keep a small list of the essentials / toiletries list – to restock once home. (In case I forget about an item I’ve just run out of…) My 3-1-1 liquids and other travel essentials are always packed and ready for an emergency. I have duplicates of my makeup too – in a small travel bag. Just grab those small bags and whatever travel bag I may require.

    Clothing: I also keep an emergency bag packed with duplicates – underwear, socks, some Icebreaker basics: top, zip cardigan, trousers – various layers just in case. These are in the equivalent of a packing cube.

    Chargers: a duplicate of every charger I use. Mobile, computer, camera battery. These are also kept with the toiletries to grab and go. I don’t want to risk running around packing in a panic at the last minute for some emergency and realize I forgot to pack the charger for my phone. Easier to just pack a duplicate.


    Kevin Reply:

    Hey Maria,- great to hear from you! Thanks for the additional tips.


  3. Adriano says:

    Now there are standard usb chargers so you often need to carry one charger only. If not, this could be one of the aspects to consider on your next electronics purchase…


    Maria Reply:

    True – and a great idea. Haven’t found one yet that charges all my items, and my Canon camera battery charger pack is fairly small and plugs in directly yo the outlet. Still working on being a minimalist in all aspects of my life – especially travel.


  4. Betsey says:

    For anyone wishing to have one more spot in the 3-1-1 bag, look in your stores (I find mine at a health foods store) for tooth powder, so that would move one item from the clear to “other” bag. A small bottle of powder lasts a really long time.


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