Final prep for a week long golf trip next week…  12 guys in southern Florida, 10 rounds in 6 days, unlimited trash talking, can’t wait.  Here are a few interesting articles I’ve come across recently:

Seven Days on the Queen Mary 2 – @ The New York Times.  Interesting, well written article that made me have utterly no interest in ever traveling on QM2.

How to Protect and Manage Your Personal Data in 50 Simple Steps – @  Fortunately, you can pick and choose among the 50 steps.

What is the Paleo Diet? – @FitBomb  A great explanation of paleo.  We’ve been on the “Wheat Belly” diet – similar to paleo – for about seven months, and I’ve seen a dramatic improvement in my cholesterol levels (w/o medication) and feel much better than I did prior to the diet.

8 reasons you should throw away your cash-back credit card if you love to travel – @ GetRichSlowly  So-so article with some helpful reader comments.

The island where people forget to die – @ The NYT   I bookmarked this a few weeks ago; fascinating article about the extraordinary longevity of the residents of Ikaria, an island off the western coast of Turkey.

Have a great week…


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  1. Maggie says:

    You do the Wheat Belly diet? Dr Davis is a hero of mine – and I don’t have many!


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