A few days ago Mrs. Hacks bought some “blue cheese” in one of those nasty little plastic tubs, and when I tasted it, I decided it had been too long since we’d had Maytag Blue in the house.  If you haven’t had Maytag blue cheese and like Roqueforts and blues, you definitely ought to try it.  Although it’s considered a “crumbly” type of blue, I find it remarkably creamy.  Regardless of texture, it’s absolutely delicious.

Here’s a video from an Iowa TV station about the company:

And Alton Brown, speaking about blue cheese in general (he mentions Maytag); this video includes a recipe for blue cheese dressing:

Made the old fashioned way in Newton, Iowa.  You can learn more about Maytag and order products at the firm’s website:  Maytag Dairy Farms

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  1. Bill says:

    I love Maytag and even visited the farm once when traveling nearby.

    You also need to check out the cheese from Caves of Faribault out of Minnesota. While they don’t have the name recognition, I actually like them better.


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