While I work on a full review of the Red Oxx Sky Train, I thought you might enjoy seeing it alongside the venerable Air Boss.  I’d always assumed the two bags were basically identical in size, but it’s clear that the Sky Train is smaller:

Other immediate differences include rain flaps on all key zippers:

As well as comfy “Euro” (according to Red Oxx) vinyl tubing handles…

And, of course, the backpack straps tucked away in the rear compartment:

Stay tuned for my review…

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2 Comments on Red Oxx Air Boss & Sky Train side by side

  1. Maggie says:

    I feel like a kid staring through a toy shop window when I see the Skytrain. Alas, what makes it so great also makes it heavy. When you one-bag it and the carry-on weight is 7kg, you can’t afford the extra grammes of the Skytrain. *big longing sigh*


  2. gerard b says:

    wait for the tom bihn tri star, dynamee nylon


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