This is one of those “better mousetrap” stories.  Made in Japan by the Feather Safety Razor company, these are the best nail clippers I’ve ever come across.

What distinguishes the Feather PaRaDa from the cheap clippers sold at your local drugstore are its remarkable sharpness and the fact that the Parada captures the clippings.  The latter feature may seem like a minor point, but once you use them,  it seems indispensable.

As for their sharpness, it’s a dramatic improvement over cheapie clippers, and users report that PaRaDa clippers retain their edge for years and years.

PaRaDa clippers come in three sizes, Small, Medium, and Large.  The Medium size is comparable to the large clippers you’ll find at most drugstores, and the small are fine for most fingernails.  The clippers have a hefty feel to them, and the action is smooth and precise.

As you might expect, these clippers command a price that’s higher than garden variety clippers: the S/M/L prices vary a bit by retailer, but they typically sell for $15/$16/$17 respectively.  I ordered mine from West Coast Shaving, and shipping was a reasonable $2.68  (Also available at Amazon Japan.)

Here are a few additional photos:

Medium Feather PaRaDa clippers w/ box

Feather PaRaDa: side view

The rectangular section on the lever is a built-in nail file

The bottom panel slides open for emptying clippings

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