I’ve recently been giving a lot of thought to building a Hackintosh.  I’d gotten as far as having all the components in my Amazon shopping cart, my trigger finger nervously twitching near the left mouse button.

Then, in a moment of rare clarity, I wondered what a new Mac Mini costs.

Turns out that a brand new Mac Mini with the same basic specs as the Hackintosh I was considering (albeit with a smaller hard drive) was only about a hundred bucks more than the components I was about to purchase.  Considering that I would serve as Customer Service and Tech Support for my Hackintosh, I quickly abandoned the idea.

Then I noticed the link on the Apple site to the refurbished models that Apple offers.  All are offered with a one year warranty, and the prices are really attractive.  If you’re in the market, definitely check it out:  Refurbished Macs @ Apple.   You can shop by model, and if you’re so inclined, extended warranties are available.   As for my Hackintosh dreams, I’ve decided to buy a refurb 27″ iMac when my PC dies.  Speaking of which, come on, ya POS, die already!!  Me want iMac!

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1 Comment on In the market for a Mac? Don’t forget the Refurbished models at the Apple Store

  1. Kevin says:

    Reader RJ emailed a comment on this post in which he makes an important point; I thought I’d share it here:

    I’m a retired Mac consultant — have been involved with and using Macs since the early 1980’s.

    Regarding Apple Store’s Refurbs: they’re absolute bargains, and as you pointed out, come with a FULL warranty as though they were brand new. Furthermore, each one is individually checked out by an Apple techie, who signs off on each machine he certifies.

    I’ve been using Mac refurbs for years (I’m typing on a refurb MacBook Pro at this moment), and I’ve recommended refurbs for my clients for years.

    The only caveat is: make sure it’s an APPLE refurb. They’re ONLY available from the Apple website. Third-party refurbs by outfits other than Apple are NOT the same thing, and do NOT carry the full, unconditional Apple warranty!

    Thanks for letting people know about this great resource.


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