From Reddit’s LPT (Life Pro Tips) Series, a number of useful tips from a former baggage handler (click for larger image):

Read the tips and a series of 100+ follow-up questions and comments here —  LPT:  Traveling, Baggage Tips from a Baggage Handler…

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6 Comments on Real world travel and baggage tips from a baggage handler…

  1. Maria says:

    Sadly, much of the flying public does not clue in that “someone” has to hoist their heavy suitcases into the cargo hold. These tips should be printed up and on display everywhere luggage is sold, and even posted as reading material by the carousel at the airport – for future reference.

    Curtesy to fellow human beings just doing their jobs and try to imagine what they go through. Common sense is not always common.

    I never thought of a couple travelling together to have matching bags. It may also come in handy to show at the lost and found – “THIS is exactly what it looks like” when your bag went missing but your partner’s did not and safely arrived as expected.


    Kevin Reply:

    re matching bags: great point, Maria!


  2. Maria says:

    Cheers Kevin! So appreciate your well researched and thoughtful articles / links. You do all the work so I don’t have to! :)


  3. Adriano says:

    Great tips. The one about packing a weapon is simply great! Thank for the link, Kevin!


  4. Leigh says:

    Great suggestions and some new ones in there I hadn’t considered.


  5. Anthony says:

    Like the tips. Not sure if I’d want a baggage handling job though!


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