I’m not sure where I first stumbled across this eBay seller, but the husband and wife team known as Blue Bonnet Beauty Supplies offers a staggering array of small bottles and containers that are perfect for travel (click for larger image):

This image is a tiny sampling of the type of items they offer, all at reasonable prices with free shipping.  As eBay sellers, they have over 4,500 ratings, with 100% positive feedback.  You can see their eBay profile here, and travel-related items here; for the record, I have no relationship or connection to Blue Bonnet Beauty Supplies.

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2 Comments on A great source for TSA-compatible toiletry containers

  1. Lani Teshima says:

    Don’t know if you saw a review of their shop over at my Travelite FAQ, but I reviewed them last April (http://www.travelite.org/?p=479) after I got some serum bottles from them. They sell some great stuff but I think the best deal is their transparent 3-1-1 bag itself. It’s size-compliant but will fit a ton of stuff. Plus, they are a small business operating out of an RV–a lifestyle they chose to deal with the wife’s agoraphobia. I thought that was a great story.


    Kevin Reply:

    Lani – I might have seen it on your site. Thx for the comment.


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