Interesting article from The Wall Street Journal‘s Middle Seat column:  Oops! I Forgot My New iPad On the Plane; Now  What?    Author reports that hundreds of iPads are being left behind by harried or careless travelers.  At the end of the piece is a useful checklist of steps you can take; an excerpt:

Protect Yourself

How to safeguard data and personal information on iPads, tablets and e-readers:

For a new device

–Apple can engrave information on the back. Securely taping a business card to the device works, too.

–Buy a brightly colored case that is easy to spot in a messy airplane cabin. A unique case will also help airline personnel locate the device in a storage room.

–Enable cloud storage for sensitive data, such as Apple’s iCloud, Google Drive or Dropbox.

–Go to settings on your iPad and enable Find My iPad.

–Set up your screen saver to display a phone number that someone can see even if the device is locked.

–Keep serial numbers of all devices in a safe place. That will help the manufacturer’s customer-service representatives offer guidance.

Before a flight

–When purchasing a plane ticket, provide a phone number that the airline can use to contact you.

Definitely worth a read if you travel and use a Kindle, iPad, or similar device.

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