If you’ve ever thought about pursuing your dream and starting your own business, buy this book.  If you know someone who claims to be an entrepreneur but hasn’t actually done anything, give them this book.

Chris Guillebeau’s The $100 Startup launches today, and it’s simply the best book I’ve ever read on how to turn your dreams and passions into a business.   Right now.  Without tons of resources or money.

Chris profiles 50 individuals most of whom started with very little, and who all created remarkably successful businesses.  In addition to a wide range of interesting startup stories, the book is a veritable blueprint for how to make your dreams happen. It includes checklists, ways to screen and test your ideas at little cost, insight into pricing decisions, and tips for launch plans.

More than anything else, the book will deliver a solid kick to your posterior.  The businesses profiled in The $100 Startup and the examples from Chris’s own experiences make it clear that there is virtually nothing stopping you from starting your own business.

Print:  The $100 Startup

Kindle:  The $100 Startup


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