A marvelous article – his last at SI – by Joe Posnanski about Bubba Watson’s Masters victory on Sunday.  If you enjoy good writing, you’ll love this; an excerpt:

Bubba Watson’s swing is from another planet. He told someone on Twitter after he won the Masters that he has never taken a lesson. Well … yeah. Any golf pro who would teach someone to swing like that would be fired. Bubba almost falls down on some of his shots. His feet dance, his arms flail, he sometimes looks like he’s going to hit himself in the face with his follow-through (and other times he doesn’t even HAVE a follow-through). When you slow down his swing for television analysis on the Konika-Minolta-John-Travolta-Veal-Picata-Bizhub-Kid-Bids-Adieu-Swing-Vision thing that Peter Kostis yaps on and on about, the machine just blows up.

You can read the entire article here:  Bubbas and Goodbyes

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