Armed with your airline frequent flyer number & login information, MySeatFinder is a web-based program that constantly scours the seat maps for your flights, seeking to change your seats to match your preferences. The service keeps looking for a better seat until it secures your top preference, you turn off the service, or you check in.

For example, let’s say you prefer an aisle seat, but when your reservation was set up, you were assigned a window seat.  Working in the background, MySeatFinder will try to improve your seat. The site claims a success rate of 84% for the month of March.  Perhaps it was a fluke, but when I signed up for the service, it improved my seat on one leg of an upcoming trip within 45 minutes.

The service costs at present works with American, Delta, US Airways, Southwest, and United; it costs $29 per year, but you can check it out for free on eight segments or four round trips.

If you’re a frequent flyer, you definitely out to check out MySeatFinder here:  MySeatFinder


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