Here’s a fascinating piece by airline security expert Bruce Schneier on the damaging effects of contemporary airline “security;” an excerpt:

At this point, we don’t trust America’s TSA, Britain’s Department for Transport, or airport security in general. We don’t believe they’re acting in the best interests of passengers. We suspect their actions are the result of politicians and government appointees making decisions based on their concerns about the security of their own careers if they don’t act tough on terror, and capitulating to public demands that “something must be done”.

Well worth a read:  Harms of Post-9/11 Airline Security

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1 Comment on Bruce Schneier on the TSA’s negative impact

  1. Richard M. Price says:

    When will TSA reply to major airports requesting the hiring of companies to replace your staff at
    their airports? Many, Omit have the right to ask, have waited over a year to here your decision. It seems to me all your staling is doing is adding to the problem of congested airport clearing and customer lines increasing.
    It is obvious that you are not aware of or refuse to see the problem. When traffic increases you need to add more staff to handle the problem. Since you are not profit based, you loose the ability to innovate, adjust, and overcome problems.
    Case in point: The San Francisco airport security is a non TSA facility. The company that is in place processes passengers 90% faster than a comparable TSA facility. When there is an increase in traffic, they add personal to handle it. No where in any of your prognostications on any of your web sites do you “STRESS” the training new agents will get to hire on. Seems it is not an important item to tell a new recruit.
    Conclusion: The TSA is just interested in “maintaining their position” in the government bureaucracy and nothing more. To you, the mandate of efficient processing of passengers is at best “secondary” if at all. The disbanding and replacement of the TSA by private companies will save time at airports, save money to the government, and increase security.
    Sincerely, Richard M. Price


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