I stumbled across the Elliott Toiletry Bag/Dopp Kit a few days ago at Cool Material (see Favorite Links in the RH column).  Made from recycled (technically speaking, upcycled) truck inner tubes and featuring a bicycle valve zipper pull, to my eye it’s beautiful.

The Elliott dopp kit measures 10″ (L) x 5″ (W) x 4″ (H) and sells for $32; Lifetime Warranty. A couple of additional pics…

See it here:  Alchemy Goods – Elliott dopp kit.  AG offers a line of similar products including backpacks and messenger bags; I have no relationship with the company.

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3 Comments on Gorgeous and green: Elliott upcycled inner tube toiletry bag/dopp kit

  1. Michael W. says:

    It does look very cool, but I worry it would be heavy. Maybe some day when I get rich and can afford big luggage and a taxi to haul me to the airport … but right now I take the BART (our subway equivalent out here) and every ounce counts, as does the bulk.

    In terms of other recycled inner tube stuff – there is actually a recycled inner tube market niche, apparently – I have a slim wallet that I like because it is less slippery than a leather wallet, harder to pick pocket out and less likely to fall out accidentally. Use if for travel.


  2. Dan Michaels says:

    Highly recommend the AG Night Out, the bag is upcycled and well worth it, plus it’s cheaper and you can pick one up if you’re in Seattle, love LOVE Alchemy Goods.


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