Unroll.me is a slick little program that is utterly great at helping you manage your email subscriptions, cleaning up your In Box in the process.  You can unsubscribe from unwanted emails in bulk, and arrange to receive emails you want to receive in a “rollup,” which aggregates the messages in a single email.  The program doesn’t store your email address and password, and works with major email providers including Gmail, Yahoo, and AOL.

This is what the main dashboard looks like (click images for close-up views) —

You can manage your subscriptions on the left, and after you’ve set up your Rollup, you’ll receive a single email for those you’ve included:

Unroll.me is currently in a private beta release.  You can request an account by clicking here:  Request Invite – Unroll.me

Here’s a brief video which does a good job of explaining Unroll.me:

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