As I write this, I’m in the midst of preparing myself for The Mother of All Golf Trips: 8 guys from around the country, Fort Lauderdale/Miami area courses, 10 rounds in 6 days.  Preparation includes getting the clubs and travel bag ready, doing a little stretching, and mostly engaging in e-TrashTalking.  It should be a great time; can’t wait!

Here are a few articles of interest I came across recently:

Top 10 Ways to Travel Smarter, Safer, and Cheaper @ Lifehacker.  A good, basic list; I’ve written about several of these, but there are a couple of areas I haven’t touched upon: readying your smartphone or laptop for travel, and how to protect your home while you’re on the road. Check it out.

Ever have a zipper pull tab come off?  (Or have TSA cut your zipper pull tabs??)  There’s a neat Instructable that shows one way of dealing with this problem:  Wire Zipper Slider Handle! (I didn’t come up with this title.)

Shopping for an Apple product? Choose refurbished every time  Rick Broida makes a very compelling case for buying Apple refurbs; definitely worth consideration! – @ CNET

One word to describe John Kenney’s We Are The One Per Cent @ The New Yorker:  hysterical

Jeff Doubek hits on a favorite topic: idiots who fly, in Passenger Etiquette – 8 Annoying People You Meet on an Airplane – @ Doubyland

Tim Leffel offered up a Practical Travel Gear staff rundown of Our Favorite Travel Gear of the Past Year in a recent post. For my money, one of the neatest items on the list is actually an app!

Have a great rest of the week, and travel safe!

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