The Highs: Reliable, compact, simple to use, 2 year warranty, less than $20

The Lows: Slight variations (~1-3 ounces) in readings

The Verdict: Solid product; highest rated luggage scale @ Amazon

This may be the first review of a luggage scale written by someone who heretofore regarded luggage scales as novelties. After all, I check luggage about as often as Senator Chuck Schumer walks by a TV camera without stopping. Which is to say, hardly ever.

But in a few weeks I’m heading off to Texas for a golf weekend with a couple of buddies, and last time I checked, United Airlines frowns on golf clubs as a carry on item.  Having recently switched from a (lightweight) stand bag to a (heavier) cart bag, I began wondering what the grand total poundage might be for the new bag, travel bag, and all my assorted crap, er, accessories. So I bought an EatSmart (their original business is bathroom scales) Precision Voyager digital scale, as it’s the highest rated luggage scale at Amazon and is only $19.95 (as an Amazon Prime member, 2nd day shipping is included).


  • EatSmart’s proprietary two handed SmartGrip designed handle
  • Compact & Lightweight Design
  • Durable Strap & Easy Clip Buckle
  • 2 Measurement Modes: Pounds / Kilograms
  • Graduation: 0.1 lb / 0.1 kgs
  • Max Weight: 110 pounds / 50 kilograms
  • 20 second Auto-Turnoff
  • Includes Lithium Battery

Simple design, simple to use

This YouTube video clocks in at 32 seconds, and covers the basics as to how the Precision Voyager scale works:

One thing worth noting: if your bag is close to the limit prescribed by your airline, you can bring your luggage scale along with you on the trip in order to make sure you haven’t exceeded the weight limit with purchases made during the trip. The scale itself weighs 5.3 oz or 150 g.

A photo tour

The Precision Voyager’s molded polymer handle is reasonably large and comfortable, and feels quite sturdy:

EatSmart recommends using two hands when using the scale, although you can certainly use one hand. I suspect they recommend two just from the standpoint of comfort when weighing heavier bags.

The readout is bright and legible; the “Unit” button enables measurements in pounds or kilograms. The unit is powered by a single CR2032 lithium battery. The On/Off button is not recessed, so if you do take it along on a trip, I’d take care with how the handle is oriented in order to avoid it accidentally powering on in your bag (it does feature a 20 second automatic shut-off). Obsessive-compulsives can pull the battery, I suppose.

Accuracy & other miscellania

The Precision Voyager provides consistent readings. I’ve weighed a number of items several times, ranging from ~5 to 30 pounds, and the variation in readings is usually in the +/- .1 to .2 pounds range (~1½ to 3 ounces). The lighter the object is, the narrower the range.

Cross checking the Precision Voyager’s measurements with a digital bathroom scale revealed that it’s accurate, again within an ounce or so. If you’re cutting things that close, prepare to be hit with baggage fees.

As for my golf bag, I discovered that it weighs about 28 pounds. United’s limit is 50 pounds, so I should be well under the limit; it’s nice knowing that I won’t be at risk of incurring extra fees.


The EatSmart Precision Voyager is available from Amazon: EatSmart Precision Voyager

$19.95; 2 year warranty

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