The Highs: Really grips your foot; provides extra cushioning where needed; no more confusing your left from your right sock ;-)

 The Lows: Price unfazed by The Great Recession, potential Greece default, or anything else

 The Verdict: The best golf socks I’ve ever worn

You may have never seen them before, but FootJoy launched its line of “TechSof” socks back in 2008.  From the FootJoy website:

The TechSof sock from FootJoy features an anatomically-shaped footbed for enhanced cushioning in targeted areas of high impact and is designed to provide support, conform to and cradle the foot for better stability.

Breathable mesh inserts are strategically positioned to increase ventilation, while DriLex moisture control technology is designed to provide comfort and quick-drying.

I’d never seen TechSof socks in a pro shop or golf store, but stumbled across them in The Golf Warehouse catalog; intrigued, I bought a few pair. Let me skip to the punchline: eight months later, these are the only golf socks I wear now, and no, they aren’t going to lower your handicap. They are, however, ridiculously comfortable and supportive, and seem to offer a modest benefit in terms of moisture wicking.

Regardless of where you buy them, the socks come in an elaborate retail package that touts their features and benefits. Each pair of the sport version sells for around $12 a pair; they’re $9.99 at The Golf Warehouse, though.  I’ve also seen the Tour Crew (calf length: MSRP $14) for $9.99 at Golf Galaxy, so look around if you’re interested.

As your feet are mirror images of one another, the socks are shaped to fit each.  (See below.) Here’s a suggestion: don’t remove your golf shoes in front of your buddies while wearing these, or the resulting abuse might last for years. Just put them on the correct feet, enjoy the comfort and support, and keep your little secret to yourself.

I’ve been too afraid to investigate what happens if you switch them up and wear the socks on the wrong feet; doing so would undoubtedly rip a hole in the time-space continuum, or something infinitely worse; don’t do it.

FootJoy TechSof socks come in three sizes:  “Tour Crew” (calf height); “Tour Sport” (shown here); and “Tour Low Cut” (below), in several colors. MSRP for the Tour Crew is $14; the other models, $12. As mentioned earlier, if you search, you can find them for ~$10.

It’s not as though you’ll turn your game around by switching to these socks. That said, they’re dramatically more supportive and comfortable than garden variety golf or other athletic socks.  There’s no reason, by the way, that you couldn’t wear the Tour Crew (calf length) sock to work, or use any of the TechSof socks for other athletic pursuits.

If you’d like to learn more about TechSof socks, visit the FootJoy site here:  FootJoy TechSof socks.

I have no connection to FootJoy, Golf Galaxy, or The Golf Warehouse.

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