I’ve mentioned Travelzoo in the past – for example, in my Ultimate List of Top Travel Sites – but I don’t believe I’ve mentioned their weekly Top 20 List.

The concept is simple: every Wednesday, the publisher of travel and entertainment deals emails a list of twenty of the most outstanding offers at the moment.

Each week I peruse the list and usually find something of interest. It was a Travelzoo Top 20 item that triggered our trip to Italy last year (we ultimately created our own deal using FF miles); yesterday one of the Top 20 items was an outstanding deal on airfare between Omaha (technically near The Middle of Nowhere) and DC, where our older son lives.  Here’s an excerpt of this week’s email:

The service is free, and if nothing else, it’ll spark your inner travel junkie, and there’s nothing wrong with that! Sign up hereTravelzoo Top 20

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