I recently received an invitation to Google’s Music Beta – its cloud-based music storage service that lets you store up to 20,000 songs, regardless of origin, for free. Once uploaded, you can listen to your music on any

Setting up Music Beta couldn’t be much simpler; if you wish, you can opt to receive free songs as you prepare to upload your library:

Part of the system is Google’s Music Manager:

You can select where you want to pull music files from:

Adding your music – if you have an extensive collection – can take quite a while. I uploaded about 1700 songs, and it took over 12 hours to do so. Of course, it happens in the background, and as you can see below, you can listen as your music uploads.  If you have a really large collection, it could take days.

One of the neat aspects of Music Beta is that you can listen to your music wherever you have a web browser – there’s no need for iTunes; with Apple’s iCloud system, you’ll need an iOS device or iTunes running on a computer.

The music player interface is simple, and easy to navigate. You can view music by artist, albums, songs, or genres:

You can learn more about Music Beta and request an invitation, here:  About Music Beta

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4 Comments on First look at Google’s free Music Beta

  1. John says:

    I believe a slight correction may be needed for this statement:

    “with Apple’s iCloud system, you’ll need an iOS device or iTunes running on a computer.”

    While true that an iCloud user will need their music library in iTunes for inclusion on iCloud, the Mac/Windows software does not need to be running in order to play music on an iOS device.

    According to Apple’s press information, iCloud scans an iTunes library for any songs that are also available on the iTunes music store and (for $25 a year) uploads the remaining songs to the iCloud servers, up to 25,000 songs. The user can then download any of that music to their iOS device regardless of whether the iTunes software is running on their computer.

    Sorry for the nitpick. Just thought the clarification would be helpful.


    Kevin Reply:



  2. whisper says:

    I received an invite too and have uploaded most of my collection but I am not very knowledgeable about “off site” type of storage. I do have DVD back ups of my music and will soon buy an external hard drive for more efficient, automatic backing up but does this new Music Beta serve as a back up? If something happened to my iTunes library would I be able to recover from Music Beta? (obviously only the files I have uploaded).

    I believe that anything I have purchased from iTunes would be available from iTunes in the event of a computer loss but not sure about all the other music that I copied from CDs to my computer and then gave away.

    Thanks as always for this great site!


    Kevin Reply:


    An external hard drive is your best bet. I see no capability for downloading your library from Music Beta. Thanks for the comment and your kind words.


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