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If you’ve ever wanted to control your home computer from the road, viewing or sharing files, or looking up a piece of key data, it’s easy and free, thanks to Hamachi2 and Pro2, from LogMeIn.

Hamachi2 and Pro2 are free desktop apps which enable you to create a secure virtual private network (VPN) over the internet. You can access and share files, remotely control other computers on the network (Mac or PC), or use it for gaming. All Hamachi2 and Pro2 connections feature state of the art encryption; although the programs serve as the conduit for your network, its servers don’t listen in or gather any information from your activity. This brief video explains it more effectively than I can (sorry, this video auto loads, and I can’t figure out how to disable that feature):

Easy Download & Install

Creating an account at LogMeIn takes a matter of moments; after doing so, you can download and install Hamachi2. Installation is via a Wizard-like interface, and only takes a minute or two. If your computer is protected by a firewall, you’ll be prompted to allow traffic from Hamachi, and of course you want to do this.

Once installed, Hamachi2 or Pro2 will walk you through a simple tutorial to help you set up your network. You establish your network’s name and password, and give your computer a name. The simplest way to add other computers to the network is to log on to LogMeIn from each computer, using the User ID (your email address) and password. Once logged in, you’ll see a graphical representation of your network (see below) along with an “Add Computer” button.

Click on that button and you’ll be prompted to download the Hamachi2 or Pro2 app to that computer; set up takes about a minute, and when you’re done, you’ve added another device to your VPN:

In this case, I added my wife’s netbook (below)–

Note that both Macs and PCs coexist peacefully on your VPN; I can use the MB Air to access files on my home PC – or the netbook – from the road, which is especially handy if I’ve mistakenly left an important document at home. Also, were I to lose my driver’s license or some other key document while on the road, I could securely access an image of it stored on my PC; the possibilities, as they say, are endless.

Multiple VPN solutions

I am using LogMeIn’s Pro2, vs. Hamachi2. Here’s an explanation of the differences between the two:

You can determine which LogMeIn is a perfect fit for your needs here (free versions are available for all): Which LogMeIn product is right for you?

Note that the free version of either product supports up to 16 computers and is for personal or non-profit use; the paid version supports up to 256 computers and costs $199 per year.

You can check out Hamachi2 and Pro2 here:  LogMeIn

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