Yikes. What a spring! It’s been cold, cloudy, and windy in The Middle of Nowhere for the last couple of months, but it finally seems to getting downright summer-like. Of course, I really shouldn’t complain; when I look at Joplin, and other areas which have been devastated by horrific storms, I realize just how lucky we are.

Lately I’ve been using an app called NewsRack on my MacBook Air to keep up to date with the 20 or so sites whose RSS feed I subscribe to, and it’s proven to be a really efficient way to thumb through numerous posts and stories quickly. Here are a few interesting items I’ve discovered over the last few weeks…

Regular readers know I’m a fan of Lifehacker, and here are a few neat stories from the site:

The Five Best Set-Top Boxes for On-Demand Video is a good review of the major options you have, including building your own HTPC.  Did your favorite make the list?

Unusual Items Worth Packing on Your Next Vacation includes one or two interesting items, though I personally don’t know about a corkscrew (wonderful item, but the one pictured in the article might not make it past the TSA).

You’re sure to find something useful on this list, whether you’re a Mac or PC type:  Top 10 Micro Apps for Windows and Mac OS X.

All of these tips may not be something you want to try (this is from Lifehacker’s “Dark Side,” after all), but I thought I’d share it with you just in case:  How to Lie, Cheat, and Steal Your Way to a Perfect Flight.

Depending upon your sense of humor, you may find Joshua Allen one of the funniest writers on the Web, or one of the most demented…  or both. My view: wickedly funny, insanely inventive. Fireland.com is a portal which leads you to several of his sites…  be sure to check out Ten Sexy Ladies.

From The Atlantic, a great interview with Paul Theroux:  Paul Theroux on Blogging, Travel Writing, and ‘Three Cups of Tea’

If you haven’t heard of Intrade, it’s worth checking out. It’s a unique (to say the least) type of investment vehicle, a “Prediction Market.”  You determine how you feel about the likelihood of certain events and outcomes, and then ‘buy shares’ in your prediction. I couldn’t find the stats when I was composing this, but the site has a ridiculous success rate when it comes to political elections; perhaps one of you is familiar with this aspect, and can cite the stats. In any event, Intrade was (well actually, its users were) predicting the (correct) American Idol winner weeks before the final show aired. See it here:  Intrade. Oh – you’ll be able to see the odds (as established by Intrade investors, that is) of President Obama being reelected.

ThinkGeek, purveyors of the dastardly Annoy-a-tron, have a unique laptop sleeve that cloaks your portable computing device in something that looks decidedly mundane:  Undercover Manila Laptop Envelope; it accommodates up to 17″ laptops.

From Yahoo! Finance, a good primer of home and personal security:  Your Security – How to Protect Yourself

Finally, another amusing site: I Love Charts: Ben Greenman’s Museum of Silly ChartsNew Yorker editor Ben Greenman constructs funny, witty charts and graphs. I need to use one of these in a PowerPoint presentation sometime!

Aww, here’s a late addition to the list: you must watch this – Best Video I’ve Seen Today Gives Me Goosebumps, from Playing for Change, courtesy of Gizmodo.

Have a great rest of the week!!

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  1. Cindy H says:

    Unusual items worth packing: Forget the clothes pins. Bread wrapper tabs do the same job as clothes pins and are significantly smaller and lighter. You can use them on your travel clothes line or to pin together the curtains to block out outside light.

    You also don’t need travel sized duct tape. Just wrap a few feet around the base of a collapsible (or regular) water bottle.


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