Regular readers know that I’ve been back in the market for another messenger-style bag. Several days ago I noticed that no matter what website I went to, I’d see ads for Timbuk2.

Hey, I love the company and all, but I really don’t care for the Big Brother aspect of ads that are the direct result of what I look at or search for on the internet.

What was perplexing was the fact that I’d opted out of such ads a couple of months ago.  Then I remembered that I’d done a hard reboot of our cable modem about a week or so ago, which resets our IP address. Bingo, that’s why ads started appearing again.

So I revisited the Opt Out page for the Self Regulatory Program for Online Behavioral Advertising, and opted out again. It only takes a few seconds, and the results – at least in my experience – are nearly instantaneous.

If you’re tired of advertisers tracking what products you’re interested in,  visit the Opt Out page here:  Opt Out of Online Behavioral Advertising. The simplest way to opt out is to click on the tab titled “All Participating Companies”, select all, and then click on the “Submit your choices” button.  That’s all you have to do.

I posted this info on the Forum some time ago, but thought this subject is of enough interest that I’d re-post it here.

Finally, thanks to Lifehacker for the original story:  What “Do Not Track is, and why it’s important

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3 Comments on Take 60 seconds and opt out of “online behavioral” or “interest tracking” ads

  1. Michael W. says:

    Same thing been happening to me, and also with Timbuk2. Now I know why. Problem for me isn’t the tracking, but the overkill – it’s not subtle – and by favoring one advertiser so much it squeezes out any “surprise me” factor and in fact keeps me from learning about other stuff. Ads need to be more intelligent. After all, how many messenger bags can I buy?


    Kevin Reply:

    Michael, I imagine you could buy quite a few!! ;-)


    Michael W. Reply:

    guilty as charged…LOL


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