If you’ve read articles about the controversy surrounding the practice of buying dollar coins from the U.S. Mint with a frequent flyer miles credit card, you’ve probably heard of Mr. Pickles.  Mr. Pickles reportedly earned 800,000 miles by buying coins from the mint. In other words, this is a veteran traveler who’s nuts about earning miles and getting great deals.

Mr. Pickles recently posted about how to use Skype to save money while traveling internationally. No surprise is the fact that he’s put a slightly different twist on things in order to save even more. What follows are his step-by-step instructions for saving with Skype with an iPhone. As there are Skype apps for BlackBerries and Android phones, I would imagine that you could adapt this method to most smart phones.

Read on for his approach; a link to the article on his new website is at the end of this post…

Step by Step procedure:

1. Go to http://www.skype.com and download the free Skype program to your desktop (PC or MAC) and set up program. Skype to Skype calls are free, but you will also want to setup Phone to Skype calling and Skype to Phone calling which has a nominal fee. Close your browser after you download Skype to your computer and have it up and running. Exit Skype also.

2. Go to BigCrumbs and setup a Big Crumbs account: http://tiny.ly/r6DN Using this link will give you currently a 20% cash rebate on your Skype purchases.

3. Once your BigCrumbs Account is set up, then search for the Skype store, login with your Skype account name and purchase an online Skype phone number.

4. Program your Skype Phone Number into your iPhone address book so you remember the number.

5. Download and set up the Skype iPhone app/iPad app from the Apple App store, install and setup with your login and password.

6. When you are on your outbound international flight before the door closes forward your iPhone to your Skype phone number. Dial *72-1-area code- Skype Number.

7. When you land in the foreign country leave your phone in airplane mode but turn on wifi.

8. Turn on the Skype app and allow it to run in the background, also allow push notifications from Skype.

9. Whenever you have a wifi signal you will receive Skype calls on your iPhone/iPad and Skype voice mail notifications.

10. You can go one step further and “unlock” your iPhone (Google Jailbreak and unlock iPhone) or use an unlocked GSM world phone and purchase a local SIM card in the foreign country you are visiting. Most countries allow free incoming calls so the next step would be to login to your Skype account and Call forward the Skype number to the local foreign cell phone number for your new SIM card. Now your USA iPhone calls will forward to your Skype account then to your new foreign SIM card anywhere you have a 2/3G signal.

11. When you return home just dial *72 to cancel your call forwarding.

Please take a moment to visit Mr. Pickles’ new blog, where you’ll find more articles like this one:  The Mr. Pickles blog

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2 Comments on Make super inexpensive calls with Skype while traveling internationally

  1. Judd says:

    We used almost this exact setup (without the US cell phone number) when we lived in Korea. Friends and family could call a US number (Skype) which was forwarded to our Korean cell phone (which had free incoming calls). The only disadvantage was you couldn’t call back to the States unless you were using Skype on the computer (our Korean phones were “dumb phones”, so no Skype app on them).

    There was a small fee for the Skype phone number and credit to make “Skype to Phone” calls, but it was extremely reasonable compared to international calling cards or direct dial…


    Kevin Reply:


    Thanks for your comment!


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