A couple of weeks ago I posted about my switch to the Chrome browser, extolling its features and speed versus Firefox. Well, of course, Mozilla released Firefox 4.0 a few days ago, and at first blush it seems very, well, Chrome-like. Tabs are at the top, if one crashes the entire browser doesn’t crash, you can type search terms in the address bar in order to perform Google searches, and it’s much faster. A few Add-ons that I’ve used in the past aren’t yet compatible with the new release, but I imagine they will be in the future.

Other neat features:

  • The reload and cancel buttons are one and the same. As a site is loading, the button turns red and will cancel the site’s loading if clicked; when a site is loaded, the button turns green and is a standard reload button
  • If you have a lot of tabs open and want to navigate to one in particular, just start typing the subject in the address bar and a description along with a “Switch to tab” notation – click and you’re moved to that tab
  • Mozilla claims that 4.0 is six times faster than the previous release, and it seems that way – it’s considerably faster
  • The home button has been relocated to the right side of the screen, but it’s easily moved – just right click on it and select “Customize”
  • “Tab Groups” (aka Panorama) makes it easy to organize lots of tabs into well, groups. If you frequently visit a number of Online Media sites, for example, – The New York Times, WSJ, Atlantic, Village Voice, etc., you can create a Tab Group which contains all of these tabs; similarly, if you are an audiophile and visit a number of sites which fall into that category, you can create a group which makes it easy to visit all the sites you like with a single click
  • Firefox 4.0 also is purportedly more stable and uses less system resources than its predecessor

Check out the download here.

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2 Comments on Mozilla releases Firefox 4.0

  1. Adriano says:

    Just downloaded it and… looks nice and quicker!!
    Don’t know about stability, though…


    Kevin Reply:

    It’s purportedly much more stable, and gobbles up less system resources. I’m a little embarrassed to admit it, but I’ve switched back to Firefox. The issues I had with the earlier version(s) seem to have been addressed. Thanks for the comment, and thanks again for letting me know that Ajax Edit Comments wasn’t working!!


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