Millions of Americans resolve to lose weight each yearMany fail.

Clinical psychologist Mark Crawford of clinical consulting firm Lyles & Crawford suggests that failure to set concrete goals is at the heart of a high percentage of these failures.  Crawford offers four tips for reaching your weight loss goals:

  1. Set a specific goal
  2. Set a realistic goal
  3. Develop a plan for reaching your goal
  4. Establish a time frame for achieving your goal

Like many of you, I established a weight loss goal for 2011, or more accurately, for the first 4 months of the year.  I’d like to lose 13 pounds by the end of April.

Why 13 pounds?  I joined my company in late 2003, and have gained – you guessed it – 13 pounds in the ensuing 7+ years.  On my frame, that’s significant.

That’s why I’ve joined 9 colleagues in a Live Healthy America challenge.  LHA is a 100 day Wellness Challenge which encourages Americans to embrace healthier lifestyles.  Click on the link if you’d like to learn more about it.

In the course of getting our team going and developing goals, someone mentioned to me.  I’ve been utilizing the site for the last few days, and have found it to be of significant help in working toward my goal.

You can create a FREE account at in a matter of seconds.  Once you’ve done that, you enter some basic information:  age, height, sex, current weight, target weight, and a date by which you’d like to achieve your target weight.  The site calculates a daily maximum number of calories you can consume in order to reach your target.  Then, you simply log on and identify what you’ve eaten for each meal; LoseIt calculates how many calories you have in the bank for the remainder of the day.  In this case, I’ve had 3 main meals (you can’t see Dinner in this screenshot), and am 326 calories under my daily “budget” (please click on any of the following images for a clearer, close-up view)–

If I then exercise, I burn calories and in so doing, end up further under my daily allotment (note the -191 calories under “Exercise”)–

Handy analytics are built into LoseIt.Com; you can analyze your food intake by meal, for instance:

…and can also track your caloric intake day by day, as the week unfolds:

Adding the foods you’ve consumed is easy.  Drop down menus include home cooked items as well as menu items at popular restaurants:

And if you can’t find an item, you can add your own, using a site like NutritionData to identify the nutritional data for it:

At the heart of the program, and only a glance away at any point when you’re on the site, is a weight loss monitor:

If you’ve embarked upon a weight loss or weight management program, I’d definitely encourage you to check out I’ve found the site very helpful thus far.   I’ll post an update when I get closer to the target date for the completion of this weight loss program.  Good luck!

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2 Comments on Stay on track & motivated with your weight loss goals with

  1. Cindy H says:

    Hey Kevin,
    You know that they have an app for the iPhone/iTouch too. Its great, because you usually have your phone with you during the day and are more likely to enter the food in right then. I’ve also found that I don’t eat food when I see how many calories it is going to take.

    It’s a great little food journal.


    Kevin Reply:


    I did know they have an app, and totally forgot to mention it; thanks for doing so!


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