If you’re searching for alternatives to high priced software, definitely check out AlternativeTo.  Loaded with tons of free and open source software for computers (PC & Mac) as well as mobile phones, the site is easy to navigate and everything’s free.

You can simply view the most popular posts for your platform, or search for a popular software package and AlternativeTo will produce a list of, well, alternatives.  In the example below, I searched for “Photoshop:”

As you can see, the available software is ranked by popularity.  Users can leave comments, which are helpful in determining if the package will work for you.  Actual downloads are from the software sites; AlternativeTo provides links to those sites.

A favorite I discovered recently at AlternativeTo?  CCleaner, a system clean-up and optimization tool.  You can get it here:  CCleaner

Check it out here:  AlternativeTo

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4 Comments on Save money on software with AlternativeTo

  1. Bill says:

    filehippo.com is another great location for PC.


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  3. Adriano says:

    I’ve been using Openoffice.org in the past 7-8 years. I have no problems whatsoever with this piece of free software, except when I recommend it to someone else.
    So many people say that “it’s not the same as Office” (I know: it is simply better) or that “Ah, these clones don’t work” (eh?) that I now think they may be right and that I am one of the few nerds who can use it.
    I remember when I switched and it was pretty user friendly – certainly more than Office 2010.
    Any suggestions (other than price) on how to convince people to have an unbiased try at open source software?
    Thank you.


  4. Jane Sanders says:

    @ Adriano
    I’ve used OpenOffice before and I’d have to agree with you, it’s user-friendly and I didn’t have problems with it. However, it’s difficult to share the files since most people I work with use Microsoft Office and I would have difficulty editing/converting their files and vice versa. Or maybe I’m just not nerdy enough. LOL

    Thanks for this one.


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