First, let me make clear:  99.999% of my readers are sensible, wonderful, generous people.

The other .001%?  Utterly, hopelessly crazy, or, and I’m being charitable here, seriously confused.

Submitted for your consideration, a random sampling of just a few of the bizarre emails or post comments I’ve received during the last year:

Dear Practical Hacks,

I am looking for that hopsack jacket in 38S.  Also, can you ship to Guam?

I realize there are a few ads on the site, but do you seriously think I’m running a clothing store?

Hey, you suck.  The iPad sucks, your blog sucks, you can’t write wort shit, and did I mention, you suck!


Bob, thanks for writing; perhaps I could interest you in a hopsack blazer…

2 oz z2pro friend in that bottle is practically Mitad of that bottle not much for a car, if so then would be more economical without the ZFX or am I wrong?

Hey, and I’m just guessing here, but I think you may be wrong.

Are you still “hacking italy”?

No, but I do have a nasty cough.  Why you ask?

Kevin:  I would like to write an article for Partical Hacks…

Well, I’m not sure how well you can write, but your attention to detail is nothing short of stunning!

I’m used to carrying a Lands End Square Rigger and like the pockets for pens, etc.  They don’t make it anymore.

Do you have anything comparable?

Also, an outlet in SE Virginia?

I don’t have an outlet in SE Virginia, but if you’re ever in Guam, I’ve got a 38S hopsack blazer you might be interested in.


Do you want more people to see your web site?  We can help.  Email us today for a complimentary site consultation.

I didn’t want additional readers, but the personal approach you’ve taken has swayed me!  I’ll be calling for that consultation soon!!

This post really sucks!

Bob, is that you??


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6 Comments on Crazy letters from readers…

  1. Adriano says:

    This post really sucks!
    But thank you for the good laugh. ;-)


  2. Maria says:

    Phew! Was concerned I might have seen one of my crazy question / comments in there! :) Glad I’m not that crazy!

    Thanks for the laughs!


  3. Lani Teshima says:

    Maintaining a blog where I screen comments for approval, I can tell you a lot of the comment submissions seem to be spammers poking at the system to see if it auto-approves, so they can start posting comments about Viagra. They use sentences that don’t quite make sense.


    Kevin Reply:

    Oh, the spam I get is amazing – but I use a really effective spam filter, so it’s not much of a bother.

    And you’re right – it seems most spammers can’t construct a complete sentence in the English language. I imagine it’s because for many of them, English is a second language.


  4. Michael W. says:

    The nonsensical comment post with the link in it is a common ploy to “game” search engines for better search results for the linked website. It’s not as stupid as it looks, but it IS really evil. BTW if you want an authentic knockoff Rolex watch really cheap, click HERE: www am i really that stupid dot com.


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