If you’ve bemoaned the lack of a key retainer or clip on your Red Oxx bag, the folks from Billings, Montana have good news for you:  they’ve added a simple, durable, retrofittable key clip to their line.

Called the Pin Mount Key Clip, the item features customary Red Oxx quality (read:  built like tank!) and can be added to any Red Oxx bag.

With my Air Boss, I chose to mount the clip high on the compression straps in the compartment toward the rear of the bag:

The key clip is secured via, what else?, a threaded pin:

Here’s a side view of it installed on my Air Boss:

If this location doesn’t work out, I can of course re-locate it somewhere else on the bag.   Doing so will leave a tiny pinhole in the former mounting surface, so Red Oxx cautions:  ” For best results, mount the key clip to a mesh pocket, an interior flat pocket or interior webbing. ”

Of course, the Pin Mount Key Clip can be installed on items other than Red Oxx bags as well:  belts, pants, work coats, backpacks, and so forth.

The Pin Mount Key Clip is $9.  Note:  the Red Oxx site is oriented toward shipping bags, so the minimum UPS shipping charge, were to order only the Key Clip, isn’t for the faint of heart.  (It’s $7.99)   I suggest you call their Customer Service Department to see if they could work something out for you, if you are ordering just this item.  Call them at 1-888-RED-OXXX (1-888-733-6999), or just visit the Red Oxx website:  Red Oxx

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