Have you ever fumbled between PowerPoint and a web browser during a presentation? Every once in a while I’ll need to demo a redesigned website or an online catalog during a PowerPoint presentation, and have always toggled back and forth between the two – or, perhaps even worse – just put an image of the site into my PowerPoint presentation.

A few days ago in a rare moment of lucidity, I thought, “There must be a better way.” And of course, there is, and it’s free.

(That sound you hear is my right palm slapping my forehead.)

A developer named Shyam Pillai developed a PowerPoint Add-In called LiveWeb which let’s you insert live web pages into PowerPoint.  It’s simple, easy to install and use, and works perfectly.

Installing LiveWeb is simple:

  • First, before you do anything else, open PowerPoint and go to Tools/Macros/Security and set security to Medium. I’ve installed LiveWeb on a few computers, and found this was necessary on all, including my home PC:

  • Go to Shyam’s site (link:  LiveWeb) and download the zip file and extract its contents
  • Move the “LiveWeb.ppa” file to a folder to which you can easily navigate:

  • Go back to PowerPoint and click on Tools/Add-Ins and click on “Add New” –

  • Navigate to the folder where you saved LiveWeb.ppa, highlight the file, and click “OK” –

  • NOTE:  if prompted, click on “Enable Macros” (this is why we set Macro Security to medium) –

  • Then close the dialog box by clicking, well, uh, what else, “Close”…

  • and you’re ready to rock!

Using LiveWeb is just as easy!

  • To insert a live web page into your PowerPoint document, click on Insert/Web Pages…

  • You can either manually enter the URL or copy and paste from your browser’s address bar:

  • The step by step Wizard guides you through the process.  You can specify several parameters; this is Step 2:

  • There are actually just 3 steps, and when you’re finished, your web page is inserted into the slide.  The page won’t display, however, in anything but the “Slide Show” mode.  In other modes, you just see a Windows logo:

  • Launch the Slide Show, and you have a live, fully functioning web page within your PP slide show:

A few other important points

At risk of stating the obvious, but LiveWeb needs to be installed on the computer you’re going to use for your presentation.  Versions are available for PowerPoint 97/2003, and PowerPoint 2007/2010.  You can also use the program for inserting pdf’s into PowerPoint.  Also, if you want to add a title to the slide into which you’ve inserted a web page, you can use a text box to do so.

This is a terrific tool if you need to demo a site during a presentation.  Having a fast internet connection, of course, is a must.

Also, I should point out that Shyam has developed a number of useful PowerPoint Add-Ins, including a YouTube video Add-In, and a Word/Phrase Search Add-In; you can reach his homepage from the links published here.

I hope you found this post useful, and that you’ll be able to use LiveWeb to add some additional panache to your presentations!

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  1. Edward says:

    This is a great tool but would be much better without the Windows 98 logo at the beginning. Tried to add an autoshape but the ActiveX window stays in front no matter what.

    Any suggestions?


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